Drinnen.Draussen – Von der Outsider zur Insider Art

Documentary by This Lüscher

Idea & Script: Marcus Richmann
Director: This Lüscher


Karambolage – Die Welt des Arnold Odermatt

Directed by Gitta Gsell

Sunday, March 9 2014
12.00 h
Bourbaki Kino Luzern

There is a small Apéro after the screening.

Sonntag, 13. März 2014, 11.30 h, Bourbaki Kino 4

Sieger im Ideenwettbewerb 2014 Sternstunde Kunst SRF Marcus Richmann und Alexandra Schild

The lucky winners:
Alexandra Schild Producer and Marcus Richmann Author.


Winner Idea Contest 2014 «Sternstunde Kunst»


Turner, Shelley, Twain – Die wahren Schweizermacher

Idea and Script: Marcus Richmann
Director: Jürg Ebe
Producer: Alexandra Schild

The film aims to show how foreign artists in the Romantic period shaped the brand «Switzerland» and created a new, up to now acting Switzerland image, such as the landscape paintings by the english artist William Turner. Likewise, the influence of the then living on Lake Geneva english writer Mary Shelley, the author of «Frankenstein», or the American novelist Mark Twain is to be illuminated. The film aims to reflect on how they and other foreign artists made Switzerland to an international and educational tourism destination.

The jury has devoted the price to this project to support the development of filmic adaptations of promising substance in 2014.

Winner Idea Contest 2014 «Sternstunde Kunst»


Karambolage – Die Welt des Arnold Odermatt
49. Solothurner Filmtage

Sunday, January 19 2014, 09.30 h
Kino Palace


DVD zum Film Karambolage - Die Welt des Arnold Odermatt


DVD available now:

Karambolage - The World of Arnold Odermatt

Directed by Gitta Gsell


Run time 50 minutes
Language Swiss German, French
Subtitle German, French, English

CHF 24.00
Subscription: 24942info167848889@507148788schildproductions.com32476

Details here.

Arnold Odermatt, Wolfenschiessen, 1966

Arnold Odermatt: Wolfenschiessen, 1966 (Auschnitt)
Copyright: Urs Odermatt, Windisch


Cinema-Dinner «Karambolage»

Hotel Villa Honegg, 6373 Ennetbürgen, Luzer



Sunday, 27.10. - Thursday, 19.12.13

Link to the movie Karambolage - Die Welt des Arnold Odermatt

Arnold Odermatt, Fotograf, Stans

Karambolage - The World of Arnold Odermatt

Director: Gitta Gsell



Sternstunde Kunst, 6th of Oktober 2013, 11.55 h

The village police officer Arnold Odermatt became overnight a star at the Biennale 2001. For 60 years he had photographed traffic accidents, his work but also scenes from private life. A film about the now 88-year old witness by Gitta Gsell.

At the beginning of the 1990s Urs Odermatt discovered the work of his father, hidden in numerous archive boxes, and has published several photo books, which provide a sensation in the art world. Harald Szeemann presents the photographic work of the man from Nidwalden at the 49th Biennale in 2001 in Venice and the humble village police officer became a star of the international art photo. The filmmaker Gitta Gsell tells as the police photographer Odermatt unexpectedly came to world fame late in his life and shows pictures and stories from Switzerland that no longer exist like that.

Further broadcasts of Sternstunde Kunst:

Monday, 7th of Oktober 2013, 00.35 Uhr, SRF info
Tuesday, 8th of Oktober 2013, 13.00 Uhr, SRF info
Saturday, 12th of Oktober 2013, 09.50 Uhr, SRF 1

The Nidwaldner museum in Stans shows the big Arnold Odermatt-exhibition «The village as a world» from the 22nd of September up to 15th of December 2013.